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<br />Bank Balances <br />as of 7-31-2010 <br /> <br />Centennial Bank <br /> <br />Balance <br />Jul-10 <br />317,793.60 <br />163,775.81 <br />3,634.66 <br />267,478.85 <br />65,039.86 <br />199,592.14 <br />59,968.08 <br />50,127.92 <br />86,824.23 <br />30.00 <br />757,847.01 <br />4,622.81 <br />15,823.19 <br />546,156.00 <br />277,201.08 <br />7,975.17 <br />18,356.44 <br />12,611.00 <br />41,349.96 <br />49,348.85 <br />197,496.23 <br />463,546.93 <br />44,931.94 <br />17,382.29 <br />376,710.76 <br /> <br />General Fund <br />Street Fund <br />Mun Court Cost Checking <br />Sr Cit/Health/Library <br />Act 833 Fire Protection <br />Advertising & Promotion <br />Adv & Prom Investments <br />Half Street Improvements <br />Court Automation Fund <br />Admin of Justice <br />Gen Revenue Investment <br />Credit Card Clearing Account <br />Street Bond Refund Acct <br />Firemens Pension Fund <br />Policemens Pension Fund <br />District Court Retirement Fund <br />Drug Control Fund <br />State Law Enforcement Drug Control <br />Road Impact Fees <br />Fire Impact Fees <br />Vehicle & Equipment Reserve Fund <br />Street Fund Capital Reserve Fund <br />Payroll Account <br />Parks & Recreation Payroll Fund <br />2007 Water Construction Fund <br />Bank of the Ozarks <br />General Revenue Investment CD <br />Arvest Bank <br />General Revenue Investment CDs <br />Centennial Bank <br />Street Fund Cap Reserve CDs <br />Sr. Cit/Health/Lib Maint CDs <br />General Revenue Investment <br />Firemen's Pension Fund <br />Municipal League Trust <br />Firemens Pension Fund <br />Advertising & Promotion CD <br />Total Operating & Restricted Funds <br />Total General Fund CDs and Checking <br />Total Street Fund CDs and Checking <br />Total General & Street Operating Funds <br /> <br />109,199.89 <br /> <br />521,392.50 <br /> <br />405,328.46 <br />153,996.35 <br />858,069.59 <br />41,163.46 <br /> <br />1,175,4 70.00 <br />50,000.00 <br />7,360,245.06 <br /> <br />2,811,353.57 <br />1,032,651.20 <br />3,844,004.77 <br />