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<br />Centennial Bank <br /> <br />General Fund <br />Street Fund <br />Mun Court Cost Checking <br />Sr CiUHealth/Library <br />Act 833 Fire Protection <br />Advertising & Promotion <br />Adv & Prom Investments <br />Half Street Improvements <br />Court Automation Fund <br />Admin of Justice <br />Gen Revenue Investment <br />Credit Card Clearing Account <br />Street Bond Refund Acct <br />Firemens Pension Fund <br />Policemens Pension Fund <br />District Court Retirement Fund <br />Drug Control Fund <br />State Law Enforcement Drug Control <br />Road Impact Fees <br />Fire Impact Fees <br />Vehicle & Equipment Reserve Fund <br />Street Fund Capital Reserve Fund <br />Payroll Account <br />Parks & Recreation Payroll Fund <br />2007 Water Construction Fund <br />Bank of the Ozarks <br />General Revenue Investment CD <br />Arvest Bank <br />General Revenue Investment CDs <br />Centennial Bank <br />Street Fund Cap Reserve CDs <br />Sr. CiUHealth/Lib Maint CDs <br />General Revenue Investment <br />Firemen's Pension Fund <br />Municipal League Trust <br />Firemens Pension Fund <br /> <br />Advertising & Promotion CD <br /> <br />Total Operating & Restricted Funds <br /> <br />Bank Balances <br />as of 6-30-2010 <br /> <br />Balance <br />J un-1 0 <br />234,023.07 <br />209,392.86 <br />5,586.43 <br />269,256.61 <br />65,023.29 <br />164,538.08 <br />72,630.39 <br />50,115.15 <br />83,062.54 <br />30.00 <br />605,024.30 <br />3,553.90 <br />16,819.10 <br />339,430.41 <br />270,825.23 <br />7,773.65 <br />24,259.53 <br />12,607.79 <br />70,915.72 <br />81,431.53 <br />187,447.07 <br />415,434.37 <br />42,971.35 <br />13,795.32 <br />77,761.80 <br /> <br />108,224.52 <br /> <br />521,392.50 <br /> <br />405,328.46 <br />153,996.35 <br />858,069.59 <br />41,163.46 <br /> <br />1,175,470.00 <br /> <br />50,000.00 <br /> <br />6,637,354.37 <br />